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Her nuanced portrayal of Harding—whom Robbie met just a couple of weeks before shooting began—allows us to see the skater anew, too. R, Tonya did get at least a silver medal and more, idiot. They were both lackluster cunts; I was an orphan for crying out loud! Seinfeld, Master of Its Domain. Hope both trashy Tonya and prissy Nancy are terrible characters. But this distracted or titillated the judges, and they ignored the fact that she wasn't doing very much technically on the ice and gave her the wins anyway. Just finished watching the movie.

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I'm sure Tonya was chapped at Vera Wang sponsoring Nancy and that translated into "My homemade outfits just weren't good enough!

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Stone reflected on Harding's position of "limited involvement" in Kerrigan's attack and speculated that a "guilty conscience" still troubled her. If they had not banned her there would have been major problems, because nobody wanted to skate with her, in amateur or pro competitions.

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