Top Dog Tips Launched in Response to Surging Affinity for Canine Community


(Austin, Texas)– According to the latest reports from the American Pet Products Association, more than 54 million households in the United States now include at least one dog with the total number of dogs sharing homes with humans hovering at the 77.8 million mark. This figure shows an uptick of 7.8 million over the last five years. In light of this growing love for the canine community, Samantha Randall has launched Top Dog Tips ( a website dedicated to helping families in all aspects of their dog parenting experiences.

Said Randall, “More dogs are becoming beloved family members than ever before, which means a greater number of people are discovering the joys of canine companionship and fewer dogs are left to live on their own or find their way into shelters. Of course, it also leaves a lot more questions on the table about giving them the best care, and that’s why we’re here. We’re a community of passionate pet parents committed to sharing stories, advice from experts and unbiased reviews of pet products to help all those sharing our obsession give their dogs the best life possible.”

Topics discussed at range from preparing to adopt a new puppy to making end-of-life arrangements. Featured articles on the website offer information on the simplest breeds to train as well as training advice universal to all breeds. Articles cover house breaking and other common household discipline issues along with professional competition training and age-specific instructional guidelines.

With proper nutrition lingering at the forefront of a number of dog parents’ minds, Top Dog Tips also dedicates a portion of its website to this concern. Choosing between wet or dry food, whether or not expensive brands live up to their claims and interpreting ingredients lists are among the topics covered at length. A variety of homemade meal and treat recipes is likewise provided.

Concluded Randall, “Dogs give their humans a level of love, devotion and joy beyond words, but they also present quite a few challenges along the way. We work with vets, trainers, nutrition specialists and a broad range of other experts to bring our readers the most reliable information available, and we test numerous products on the market in an effort to provide reviews based on our own experiences. We’ll continue to update our website regularly and invite pet parents everywhere to subscribe to our website to get tips, ebooks and exclusive special offers sent directly to their emails.”

Further details about pet parenting and the Top Dog Tips team are available at

About Top Dog Tips:

With a holistic approach to canine and human cohabitation, Top Dog Tips offers a wealth of resources surrounding the intricacies and uncertainties of caring for dogs of all ages, breeds, personalities and preferences.


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Dog Dental Treats for Your Dog’s Dental Health Dog’s owners have many responsibilities including caring for their dog’s teeth. Unfortunately, many pet owner’s neglect this very important task. It may seem a lot of fun to take care of a dog, and it really is. But you also need to know how to really take care of a dog, and this surely includes taking care of their teeth. Plaque also gets to a dog’s teeth just like it does on people’s teeth. Dental health is included when we speak of the health of our dogs, aside from bodily health and their nutritional needs. If you want to really take good care of your dog’s teeth, it pays to learn much about this so that you can be given help. Now, the problem is searching for the best dog treat for dental health. The answer will be discussed below. The discussion below will also focus on good dog health care which will ensure that you dog’s teeth are in good condition. It is important to feed your dog hard, crunchy dog food when it comes to dog’s health care, particularly dental health. This means that raw bones is a good candidate for food that is good for dental health. If you are not someone who buys raw bones for your dogs, you can find some other way to help your dog improve his teeth and gum health. You can also give your dog raw vegetables, raw apples, etc. Although giving your dog food soft food is not bad at all, ensure that your dog eats something hard or crunchy at least once a day.
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Brushing a dog’s teeth at least twice a week is also important. Brushing your dog’s teeth might be the last thing you would want to do, but if you know that it helps in his dental health then you might just also get convinced to do it. you can brush your dog’s teeth with some salt on it or you can use specialized dog toothpaste if you prefer. Another option to brushing your dog’s teeth is by giving them dog teats or dental chews. Giving them dental chews will help them in the same way as brushing their teeth would.
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What then are the best dog treats for dental health? Dogs will really love the tasty kinds of dental chews. Dental chews can do wonders to your dog’s teeth. The dental chews with natural ingredients are the best ones to give your dog. Calcium and phosphorus should be ingredients in the dog chews so that they will have healthy teeth and bones. If you give you dog this kinds of chews you are doing good for their dental health.

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Choosing the Right High Quality French Bulldog Breeders If you wish to own a French Bulldog soon, you need to get them from high quality French Bulldog Breeders. Always see to it that the pups you get are AKC (American Kennels Club) registered. You can be sure that the breeders are also registered legally and that they follow the policies in taking care of the pets. If you are not yet familiar with here to look for breeders in your area, you can start looking for them in online classifieds. You may need to understand that some breeders are located in farther regions. One of the most important things to remember is to buy French Bulldogs only from reputable breeders. Ensure your purchase is legitimate once you have found a right breeders. If you have found breeders already, you now have to make sure to prepare yourself ahead. Sometimes, excitement is inevitable and you can’t get enough of the idea that you are going to have a new champion soon. However, this is the moment when you need to control your excitement and avoid making mistakes. You have to prepare yourself and make it a final decision to take care of a French Bulldog for the rest of its animal life. Here are some tips you can follow.
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Make sure to double heck the reputation of the breeders where you will be getting the pups from. You should be able to see the registered parents of the pet you are to get. If you want to see the pedigrees, you will know that you are talking to the right breeders if they can show you the papers. In some cases, you may need to be meticulous with the papers too and keep an eye for inconsistencies of information. The breeders should also have more than enough knowledge about the French Bulldog breeds. If they really are legit breeders, they can address your queries with expertise.
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Make sure that you get to see a glimpse of the kennels where the pups are housed. Check if they have very clean kennels and if they have separate rooms for the large dogs and the puppies. You have to see to it that your pups are not products of backyard breeding that’s why you have to check. You should be able to get information about the dog’s medical history. If the dogs have had previous medical issues, also get information on how they were treated and how well the dog responded to it. If you may, you can get more details about the breeder. You can read reviews from their clients or ask details from the people you know. Don’t forget to get information about the warranty of the dogs. Through this you can rest assured that the high quality French Bulldog breeders can be trusted.

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Things to Consider When Purchasing Equine Joint Supplements Anybody who owns a horse knows just how much care is needed to make sure they remain healthy and don’t fall victim to joint diseases. One of the ways to avoid this kind of problem would be ensuring that your horse gets a good diet. For horses to be in good health, you need to give them a good blend of supplements and nutritious foods. However, there are many supplements in the market and you need to get one with active ingredients for it to provide the best value. As much as you have a wide range of supplements to choose from, very few of them are deigned, buffered, and balanced to reach the specifications of all the categories of horses. If you are a horse owner, you need to be aware of the tricks used so that you may not fall in to a similar trap and end up buying things that won’t add any nutritional value to your horse. Once you have learnt the tricks used, you will be in a better position to find the right type of supplement for your horse. In equine, horses have a compound that not only improves their stamina, but also serves to increase their resistance to disease. Horse owners understand the types of diseases that can horses can catch and their effects, especially in the joints. Since horse joints get ponded and twisted frequently, the risk of getting generative joint diseases increases. When the disease spreads, it becomes more expensive to have it treated. You need a proactive and not reactive measure in this instance.
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Horse owners need to whatever they can in order to strengthen their horse’s joints. Since these problems aren’t easy to see from the outside, it is not easy to detect if the disease exists. Proper dieting is the best way to help reduce the chances of your horse getting the joint disease. Giving your horse nutritious meals will keep your horse healthy as well as save you lots of cash that could have been used in its treatment.
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Before you purchase supplements for your horse, make sure that they have been proven and tested to offer exactly what you need your horse to get. If you don’t have enough knowledge about the nutrients available in the market, you may end up getting stuffed supplements that contain many things that do not add any nutritional value whatsoever to your horse. The best way to make sure that you are getting the best product in the market is if you focus on their active ingredients to make sure that they are in the right amount.

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Types of Loft Traps for Racing Pigeons Since you may understand, you will find many different types and designs when it comes to traps for the racing pigeon loft. Some function excellent for racing, while some others, not that much. Below I will highlight four different kinds of traps and allow you to understand, which are the best if you are racing pigeons. A Stall trap is a fantastic trap. It has a number of segments, so that at a single time just a solo pigeon may enter, and on top of that, there’s a locking way that locks the pigeon in there, until it is opened by the fancier, and permits the pigeon to enter the loft. It works extremely nicely for pigeon racing. For racing pigeons, a Bob trap; the other type of trap, doesn’t operate as well as some of the others, but it is a nice idea. The bob trap is simply designed. The trap includes a door that only swings in one direction, with rods or springs. So the pigeon needs to push on it to get in, and then the door afterwards swings shut behind them, locking the pigeons in. While pushing open the door, that consumes time as the bird may hesitate first, this leads to the loss of precious time. It is for that reason I stated it isn’t a suitable trap while pigeon racing.
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An open door trap is another one with a design that is simplistic. This kind of a racing pigeon loft trap has a hinged door that can be shut, set open, or be half-way opened. Depending on what you’re using the trap for. This kind of trap allows the pigeons to get in and go right into their nest box. It’s amazing, particularly for training, and functions nicely for racing.
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The final trap is the Sputnik trap. If you should be purchasing it, it’s way more complicated as opposed to others, you will be charged more as well. But it has its pros. It truly is like an all inclusive package. There are different variants of the Sputnik trap, but most of them consist of a trap, landing plank, and some kind of aviary. They work well, but if cash is a problem it might not be the best choice, as it has some features you might not need. The trap in itself works awesomely though. A Booth trap functions as the best for pigeon racing in my own opinion, there isn’t any hardship getting the pigeons into the trap. Plus they’re locked in thus you can remove the counter with ease. It is fairly straight-forward, but incredibly successful. But try out a couple in order to find out what you favor on your loft trap for racing pigeon.